Jerry The 3rd

Adventurer | Storyteller | Artist

oi oi! Jerry The 3rd here... 

welcome to my tiny space on the interwebs. at the moment, this is just a place holder until i have time to evolve it further in fun and interesting ways.

chances are, you found me from a speaking event. in which case.. cool! 

if you want to talk about speaking for your org or event you can always drop me a line at:


(address also works if you just want to say hi)

as for other aspects about getting to know me...

that's enough for now, no? my speaker bio is below, cyas soon✌🏾✨

Jerry The 3rd Speaker Bio...

Jerry ThompSon III (Jerry The 3rd) embodies a rare blend of business acumen and artistic creativity that offers profound insights and perspectives. An international speaker and master storyteller, he has captivated audiences at leading organizations including Nike, NASA, Los Angeles United School District, Amazon and Airbnb - weaving the disciplines of art and business into lasting compelling narratives.

Professionally, Jerry’s path exemplifies a unique balance between analytical rigor and creative thinking. A Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt, his roles in major international firms underscore his commitment to process excellence and efficiency. This, combined with his background as an elite Division I heptathlete speaks to his discipline, focus, and ability to navigate complex challenges – skills that he brings to every speaking engagement as well as his own entrepreneurial pursuits.

Based in Mexico City, Jerry brings a global viewpoint to his craft, enriched by his diverse experiences in various cultural contexts. Whether addressing corporate leaders, educational forums, or international audiences, he effortlessly connects with people, drawing from his deep well of lived experiences. His presentations are not just talks; they are invitations towards deeper understanding of self and exploration of diverse disciplines.

Holding a BS in Supply Chain Management, BA in Entrepreneurial Management, and a minor in Psychology, Jerry’s blend of education, lived experience and expertise uniquely positions him as more than just a speaker – he is a catalyst for holistic insight, resonating with individuals and organizations striving to step confidently towards their next adventure.