Drawing from his own podcasting journey, 

Jerry The 3rd has developed learning workshops around all aspects of  creating a successful podcast show.


Jerry uniquely addresses the technical aspects of putting a great podcast together, and also the "hidden" factors that can truly build authority and create communities though podcasting.


Podcasting for Business & Personal Branding

Podcast are the platforms for leaders.. and with that comes the opportunity to build authority, connections, and influence in your industry. Come learn why podcasts are an unmissable asset for your business and personal brand., and see how to leverage them to maximize your bottom line. 

Audio Editing 101

A hands-on live class for learning your way around audio editing. This class covers all the basics in Garageband, and the principles apply in any editing software. A perfect course if you want to enhance your own show, or pick up editing as a profitable skill.

The Magnetic MC

Few podcasters start their journey as amazing hosts. These skills take time and practice but can be learned. We'll pull the curtains back on how to consistently building trust with your listeners and your podcast guests. Become the host that audiences love and guests never forget.

Let's Create A Podcast! 

An Airbnb Online Experience

New to podcasting? This exclusive entry level offer is made available through Airbnb. You'll uncover your great podcast idea, learn the pillars of success, and even see how simple it can be to select equipment. Check out the stellar 5-star reviews!


Need Help With Your Specific Platform?

 If you're going after a big goal, you're going to need help.. but you don't have to do it alone! Book a strategy session below with Jerry to help you simplify and re-frame your  so that all signs point to success. Times are available in 30 minute increments and are first-come, first-served.

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