A native of Media, PA, Jerry ThompSon III is a professional adventurer who serves as a primary communal resource for innovative thinking, cultural exposure and guided self-development. After his successful launch into the corporate world with both a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Management and B.S. in Supply Chain & Operations Management from the University of South Carolina, Jerry The 3rd made a dramatic shift in lifestyle when deciding to relocate indefinitely, to Paris, France. 

Over the following years, Jerry The 3rd would tour throughout the Western region of Europe as a freelance musician, then through Africa as a performer and speaker in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy’s partnership with Africa Regional Services (ARS). From recording soulful bass in Spain to conducting black history tours in France, Jerry The 3rd has managed to consistently apply the values of leadership and discipline he’s developed as a Division 1 athlete to study, adopt and immerse himself in uncharted territories. 

The crowning product of his adventures has grown to be the Point Noir podcast - the only podcast production that highlights men of color and their travel experiences and also sponsors men of color to obtain passports. In its first 18 months, the dynamic show has captured the unique perspectives of 70 men, enabled an additional 17 men to claim passports of their own, and has been heard around the globe. Jerry The 3rd’s work continues to dismantle barriers in several fields and challenges those looking to achieve more from their circumstances to do the same.

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